"The two oceans' home", an action clip from our 2 homes, Cadiz and Maui. Featuring María Andrés and Emi Galindo

"Exploring New Caledonia", our 2016 new video!

Fanatic Gecko 2017 Product Video

"Loving my Winter", María Andrés Windsurfing 2014

This is a small sample and a way to express how happy I am living by the ocean. It is an infinite happiness... I feel very fortunate.
The title came to me almost without thinking, because this winter was simply unforgettable!
I want to thank all those who are supporting me in my way, and especially to Gun Sails, for trusting me during these years.

Video promotion for Gun Sails, product: FUTURE 2014

Video promotion for Gun Sails, product: SUP explore air 11,6 2014

Video promotion for Gun Sails, product: PEAK 2014

Gun Sails Photoshoot 2014

Gun Sails Photoshoot 2012


Travesía para Vértigo, emitida en Neox TV

María 2008


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